Preperation for presentation

There was a bit of confusion to begin with as one of the members of our group had left the class and so we were unable to start for a couple of weeks as we were unable to confirm whether they had actually left the class and we didn’t want to leave them out. So during this time, we both did research into the #metoo campaign. Once we had confirmed the loss of one of our members however we began to decide what we were going to do and how we were going to approach the presentation. I put forward the idea of doing a YouTube video as it allows us a greater deal of freedom from the various technical glitches that can be encountered in second life, but it also allowed us to time our presentation so that I could corrugate the pictures with our voices so that relevant information would appear when it was spoken about. I began working on a draft of the timeline witch was mostly just a accumulation and structuring of the main story’s that took place during the #metoo campaign. I then wrote my main piece for the presentation in witch I attempted to present the #metoo movements goals, motives and how technology and social media helped to spread the movement so vastly and quickly in an unbiased fashion. After we had finished writing are pieces for the presentation we then recorded the audio using Audacity. My vague familiarity with the program thanks to my squandered dreams of being a YouTube allowed me to cut, rearrange and recorded the audio keeping me clear and concise. I also had to adjust the background levels dew to a very loud computer fan right next to my microphone but thankfully I was able to prevent that from showing in the final product. Once the recording was done we were solely in my domain, I had volunteered to edit the entire video on my own when I put forward the idea of doing a video which while I was happy to do as i find editing video a rather cathartic and enjoyable experience I did underestimate how long it would take me to do so. This was partially dew to me not paying attention to the dates close enough and mixing a few up witch meant that I had to start from scratch with my animations, this was unfortunate but it I have no one to blame for this but my self. I used the program Camtasia witch is a temperamental beast to say the least, dealing with freezing and audio de-sinking on the play back were annoying but these were not to major or frequent to be a real issue although I would be amiss if I did not mention the fear that I might lose all my progress every time it froze. I was quite proud with the animations and look of the video I made the all of the icons and the timeline that I used and for my first attempt at doing animations I think that they turned out really well. I was unsure how well mt video would go down on the day but I was really happy with the feedback and compliments that we both got and it made the work that I put into it feel worth it. I think that me and mfeeneyo work quite well together I did feel a tad out shined by her when we were working on the timeline were my brief recounting of the event took all night in witch the same amount of time she had done an entire page with a cohesive structure that was clear and concise but i hope that i made up for that with my video editing. we used a mixture of Facebook messenger and the program Discord to communicate. Discord allowed use to talk over voice share files and organise the information we had gathered together witch I felt was a lot more helpful then Facebook’s comparably limited functionality. For the actual writing of are scripts we used google Docs witch allowed use to edit and add to the script simultaneously and access the information on multiple computers. The ability of these programs to communicate online was invaluable in the creation of this video and the project would of probably not been finished anywhere near in-time without these tools. I’m really happy with how the project turned out and think that